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Ready-Made mix GULAB JAMUN

Ready-Steady-Go...with the mix..and enjoy the sweets..GULAB JAMUN

Though the Gulab-Jamun were made during Diwali Festival...i m still melting the sweet sugar in our mouths.
Long back in my childhood my mother used to make gulab-jamun at home wit the GITS ready-to-make packet..
The instructions mention to prepare were very easy and also the post-product came up really delicious..
The link to GITS site is as follows:-

When i wanted to prepare... i could not get the GITS packet, so decided to make a little change and choose MTR product..
Almost same instruction and the gulab jamun came up...simple prefect..!!
So make more gulab jamun wit either GITS or MTR..all tastes same..simply sweet and soft and almost like heaven.


 Instructions to make GULAB -JAMUN from the MTR Ready-made packet..
> Add 1/4 measure of water to 1 measure of mix and knead the mix gently into a dough. Set aside for 5 min.
> Make small balls and fry in hot oil ghee/fat over a low flame until golden brown.
> Soak the gulab jamuns in hot sugar syrup until they completely absorb the syrup and serve.
> Sugar syrup: Add equal measures of sugar and water and boil for 15 min (this pack needs 800g of sugar).
> Add rose essence or cardamom powder if desired.


"This is my personal experimental hint.."

What if by mistake excess water is poured in the dough..??!!!

  • Well need not worry just add some "REFINED-FLOUR" and mix it well till it becomes a fine dough..

"SO DIWALI (Indian festival of light and crackers) STARTED WITH smoke BUT ENDS WITH sweets"

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Ready-Made Mix GULAB JAMUN