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How to make Kissing more delicious with food!

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Food and kiss… might be wondering what is the relation between food and kiss? Food is the basic necessity for living and kiss in the basic necessity for love .Actually there are some food after which the kiss become more delicious and then you can reach to the zenith of your love and affection .


Kissing : the most delicious aspect of love!

Here I gives some  delicious foodie kissing tips:




1.Chocolaty Kiss:


have a melted chocolate fight and lick up whats left...good.



2.Cakey Kiss:


 before kissing eat some cake or some other stickey food so he wants to lick leftovers off ur teeth.


3.Gum Kiss;


take some gum and put it in your mouth and kiss your partner and swap the gum back and forth until the flavor goes away


4..Honey Kiss:


dispense a small amount of honey on your index finger and rub it on your lower lip. Kiss your partner, the honey causes the kiss to last longer or depending on how long it takes him to get it off with his tongue.




5..Onion Kiss;


eat sum onions he'll luv u sooooooooo much and he won't let u go!!!!!!!!!!


6.Strawberry Kiss :


Get some strawberries. Cut it up in large pieces. When your partner goes to get it out of your mouth kiss that person and take it back gently. This will arouse your partner and they will want to do other things with the strawberry. Make sure you have some chocolate nearby!!!!


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How To Make Kissing More Delicious With Food!