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How to Read a Weighing Scale?

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Ever faced a situation where you are standing on a weighing scale but have no idea of what it is telling you? All of us have struggled, at one point or another, because we didn’t know how to read a weighing scale.

Our sedentary lifestyles have put us up for a long and tiring battle against bulge. Our best confidante in this battle is, of course, the good old weighing scale. Therefore, it is important to take care of your weighing scales. However, what is more important than that is being able to read a weighing scale before you can purchase it from the store. We bring you a short guide on how to read a weighing scale.

It is very easy and can be learnt in a jiffy:

1) Stand properly: Whenever you get upon a weighing scale, always make sure that your weight is evenly distributed on the scale.

2) Learn to read: When you read the weighing scale, know that it is read in increments of ten. In most of the weighing scales, there is a number followed by small marks, which are single units. Therefore, there will be nine single units after each number. To get your weight number, simple match the line or number on the scale with the fixed reference point on the scale.

3) Look at where the line stops: While checking your weight on a weighing scale, first of all determine where the line stops then relate it to the reference number.

4) Digital scales are better: This is because the digital scales do not make you count the single units or relate them to the reference number. They simply give you your weight in figures.

The weighing scales have become a part of our existence, and have been in use for the past thousands of years now. You will need to use a weighing scale not only at home but at hospitals, laboratories, even businesses. Moreover, weighing scales are used to weigh more than just overweight human beings, like animals, food and other items.

Although, we don’t know to what use you will put your weighing scale but we hope that with the above steps you will be able to make a better use of your weighing scale. (Photo courtesy:

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How To Read A Weighing Scale?