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National Vinegar Day And National Fried Clams Day

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Foodie fans today is National Vinegar Day & National Deep Fried Clams Day.

My thoughts on Deep Fried Clams...  First - I love them.  I love them even more when I'm making them.  I take a very easy approach.  I rinse and dry the clams - dust them with Old Bay seasoning and flower.  With clams I don't like a thick coating on them - I like a nice light flavorful taste of the crust.  KISS (keep it simple stupid) them and they'll come out great!

First you have the catch them - they can run pretty fast! National Vinegar Day...  When I was growing up there was your standard White, apple, and red wine vinegars available.   I don’t ever remember seeing balsamic when I was young.  Now days you can find just about any type of vinegar you want.  I love white balsamic due to its great taste and flexibility – not turning everything black is also a plus!  I have a true bottle of balsamic that cost almost $200 but it doesn’t see the light of day very often.  There is a difference in case you were wondering.  If you take one of the less expensive $8.00 bottles and reduce it down on very low heat the flavor will really increase!


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National Vinegar Day And National Fried Clams Day