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What is an artichoke

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Artichokes are a very popular vegetable grown in Mediterrean type climates (Italy, Spain, France, Greece, California, etc).  However they are available frozen (hearts) and in jars or cans world-wide.  Artichokes is called " Sharifa " or " Shalifa" in Hindi.  However I do not recall seeing artichokes growing in India.  They require a not too hot climate and seem to prefer ocean breezes.

Here is an artichoke blooming where it is a thistle type flower.
Here is how to prepare an artichoke-such a delight to eat.


Artichoke&Tomato Salad

I use them in Moroccan tajines with lamb and preserved lemons.  They are quite lovely with lemons and fava beans.  The heart can be pureed and used in soups and sauces, or to make pasta fillings as in raviolis.  I think they are most popular to peel each leaf and dip into aioli or such and turn the leaf upside-down and scrape the lovely soft part against your bottom teeth.  Then as you savour the leaves you come closer and closer to the "treasure.  Once you get to the heart you must remove the prickley thistle part with a sppon.  Then the heaven is to be enjoyed.....the heart.  In Europe the stem is also often cooked and peeled which tastes as the heart-so creamy and buttery.

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What Is An Artichoke