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World Food Day

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Today is World Food Day, a day to remember how many go to bed hungry while most of us here sit groaning from eating too much in the evenings.  There is something very wrong about this dichotomy of food consumption.

This sort of says it all, doesn't it?

Many Americans just can’t stop eating. That’s the conclusion of a federal survey that estimates 6 in 10 Americans are overweight, more than 1 in 4 obese. The conclusion: too many of us consume too much and exercise too little.  We live in a Super-Size me world.

Some chronic overeaters admit that they are generally lazy and spend too much time sitting around and eating their goodies instead of walking. 

 I often think if there was a way to take half of our daily food and share it with those that are hungry it could make a big difference.  There are so many in need of basic food items here in the US, many areas of Africa and in India and other parts of the world.

Hunger has no borders - it is a world-wide problem of enormous proportions affecting many children and women on every continent.

In some cultures being over-weight is a sign of prosperity.  Over indulging in copious amounts of food shows their friends they are financially able to afford such pleasures.  Yet in Europe and the US young girls often strive to be rail thin and still think they are “fat”.

Many grew up in the US with the "Clean Up Your Plate,"  as mom's daily mantra.  This attitude has shaped many of the US  population into over-weight and obese people, who are training their children to also over eat. 

Super-size has become a way of life for many Americans.  Buffets are the popular restaurant or fast foods joints of many Americans.  Sadly we are spreading this fast food junk quickly and aggressively around the world.  Quantity has become the norm in place of quality foods.

Children in countries like Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, etc. are facing the plight of over-weight  children.  Obesity was unknown in these places as traditional diets were low in fat and high in vegetables and fiber.  Sadly greasy  fries, fatty hamburgers and sugar loaded cokes have become the “must haves” for many children around the world plus numerous treats of sugar and fat laden foods in place of fresh fruits.

 If a person takes just the amount of food they will eat I agree about cleaning up your plate, but the old clean up your plate is why so many Americans suffer from being overweight.  They load up their plate with mounds of food-enough for two or three people.  Then they drive everywhere fighting for the closest parking spot.

Walk up those stairs, walk from the farthest corner in th parking lot, walk fast, increase your normal daily activities instead of needing to run and do heavy exercise on occasion which is not healthy.  Normal regular exercise promotes regular deep breathing and does not stress the heart, but builds our stamina.

Making healthy choices as to everything you shove in your mouth, or as I often say, make your calories count.  Don’t eat those empty calories of donuts, pizza, double burgers with cheese, bacon, French fries, loads of butter on mashed potatoes and white bread toast, and just plain forget reaching for a chocolate brownie or a bowl of ice cream as a TV snack.  Don’t get overly hungry and start cramming food-any food like chips or  cookies in to your mouth.

It seems many get guilt feelings over their inactive lifestyles and run to the gym and work out like crazy for a few days, then  drop back to exercising by shoving food in their mouths while roaming the channels on the remote.

Ideas for eating less, but being satisfied:

Take portions smaller than your fist of meats and carbs.  Load up on green leaf veggies but use healthy dressings for salads.

Place your food on your plate so that none are touching.  Plate artistically and you are much more satisfied, as you eat first with your eyes.  No chef ever plops massive amounts of food overlapping on a plate when you eat in a good restaurant.

If this is a problem, use a smaller plate.Eat slowly, chewing and enjoying each bite instead of “scarfing down”.  Fast eaters = over-eaters.

Don’t wait too long between meals and healthy snacks as being “overly” hungry often results in over eating.  Healthy snacks mid-morning and late afternoon give us an energy boost and keep you from getting to hungry.  Healthy snacks of fruits or veggies are a good choice.  Late night snacks while watching TV should include such as popcorn or fruit instead of sweets.

Season your food well utilizing fresh herbs, spices, chiles, and such.  When your taste buds are satisfied so is your mind.  So instead of eating copious amounts of food to be satisfied a much smaller portion is required to trigger satisfaction.

Another good trick to eating less is first eat a healthy salad with a light dressing, or having a bowl of soup that is filled with vegetables and flavorful broth.

Carrot, onion, ginger, fat free milk, white pepper soup.


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World Food Day