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Dhokla:Fast food from Gujarat

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DhoklaDhokla is a fast food from the Indian state of Gujarat.

The dish can be made of ground chana dal (chickpeas) soaked overnight; other recipes call for besan. This paste is left for fermentation for four to five hours then is spiced by adding chile pepper, ginger, and baking soda . The dhokla is then steamed for about ten minutes on a flat dish and cut into pieces.

It is usually served with green chutney or some peanut oil. Dhokla can also be fried further with mustard seed for extra spiciness. It is garnished with coriander. 

Khatta Dhokla, Khaman Dhokla, Rasia Dhokla, Cheese Dhokla are different varieties of Dhokla prepared by Gujarati housewives and are now also locally available in sweatmeat shops all over India.

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Dhokla:Fast Food From Gujarat