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Moldy Cheese Day

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Foodie fans today is not only Moldy Cheese Day, it's Submarine - Hoagy - Hero - Grinder Day as well!

I love me some moldy cheese - Blue is one of my favs... And I love me some grinders as well!



My Cuban to celebrate the day... 


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Carmen Miranda recorded 'The Man with the Lollipop Song.' in 1941 on this day The Tortilla Guy
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1996 World's largest grilled cheese sandwich was made, 3,000 pounds. The Tortilla Guy
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Now that's a grilled cheese sandwich - Did they also make a big bowl of tomato soup to go with it? :) Nikko
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Grinder is a special submarine sandwich,it was brought to the US by Dominic Conte, an Italian immigrant who came to New York in the early 1900s. During World War II, the sandwiches were served by the thousands to soldiers at the submarine base in Groton, Connecticut.
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Ganesh, that is so cool! Where do you find these wonderful bits of information!
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He is a walking textbook of information! Mary-Anne (Shanti)
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Love the moldy cheese, submarine - Hoagy - Hero - especially the bump and grinder day as
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The Bump & Grinder day huh? I like that one too! :) Nikko
Moldy Cheese Day