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Tons of Tasty Tomatoes

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Lots of Tasty tomatoes
Lots of great tomatoes on display at the annual tomato event. Ernest Kuntze, a renowkned tomato guru talks us about his love for tomatoes. Everybody says he grows tomatoes better than anyone, but nobody knows how, not even him…

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Wonder what else he grows? BTW the Green with strips is Green Zebra, which was developed by Tom Wagner formerly of California. I use the Green Zebras to make my Green Mean Sauce which is Thai influenced and tastes great hot with pasta or cold as a dip. I can several pints of it each year. Now there is a Big Zebra that is green and red-gorgeous and yummy. A Rainbow of Tomao Colours = a Rainbow of Varietal Tomato Sauces.
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As long as the Tomato's are good he can grow anything The Tortilla Guy
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I was being funny-he is very spaced-out Actually tomatoes require a pH of 6.7/6.8 where as potatoes need a pH of 5.0 Different veggies have different soil, water, and temperature requirements. Interestingly enough the same variety of tomato grown even across the road can and often does have a different flavour. Some will say a tomato is too acid, and actually it is low in sugar and therefore the acid seems stronger.
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Nice yummers!
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We're still picking heirlooms and if the weather holds could be picking up into late November.
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These are all nice looking but I really like the Santa Sweets when I can't get good ones...
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