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How to Make Carrot Curls

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Rest peeled carrot on cutting surface. Shave a thin and wide lenghwise strip of carrot with parer, pushing parer away from you. Roll up long carrot slice. Secure with wooden pick. Crisp in ice water. CARROT CURLS will hold their curls without the pick!

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How To Make Curls Carrot
Carrot garnishing goes with any dish because of its vibrant color and pleasant taste. If you want to master garnishing with carrots its imperative that you know how to slice carrots into curls. Watch this video and master this art.

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Slicing such a thin layer of a carrot itself requires some practice i guess!!!
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How fun, I have a feeling my carrots would be red and orange....................
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yeah,,, white radish also can make like this ....
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Daikon? I must try that, they are easier to cut thin. I make chile flowers and green onion flowers. The Thai Dragon Chiles (Phrik chee fa) make nice flowers with curled up petals. I love the fruit and vegetable carvings in SE Asia. So beautiful and artistic.
How To Make Carrot Curls Video, How To Make Curls Carrot