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How to Access Personal Food Tv @ Ifood.Tv

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Launching Personal Food Tv
We are delighted to launch the personal food tv within Now you can make your videos and upload them for the whole world to see. Show you skills, share your experiences with friends and everyone else. What are you waiting for?

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it would help to have a link to this video from the Help tab
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This is a great new feature. Thanks.
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Great feature and I have been using it.
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It might be helpful, if there was a clear way that this was highlighted on the front page. So that non members can also be aware of this. Maybe we can have a whats new at section ? so that ppl can keep up with the cool new things you guys are coming up with!!
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Looks Great !!! The Tortilla Guy
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Excellent Feature !!!
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unique,interesting .....and will be most popular!
How To Access Personal Food Tv @ Ifood.Tv Video, Launching Personal Food Tv