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Foodie Thoughts for the Month of October

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Cookie plateOctober is:


    eat better, eat healthier month

    eat country ham month

    apple month

    applejack month

    carmel month

    chili month

    cookie month

    dessert month

    pickled peppers month

    pizza festival month

    popcorn popin'month

    pork month

    pretzel month

    seafood month

    vegetarian awareness month


The first week is:

    no salt week

    national chili week


The second week is:

    beer week

    food bank week

    school lunch week

    pasta week


The thrid week is:

    kraut sandwich week

    pickled peppers week


The fourth week is:

    Chicken Soup for the Soul Week


The second thrusday is:

     National Desert Day


The thrid saturday is:

    sweetest day 




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Foodie Thoughts For The Month Of October