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Ming Tsai is one of my favourite chefs as his treatment of food is fresh and exciting.  He is simply brilliant in the kitchen.  I love his smoked tea rub - combines the deep smokiness of a classic bbq with the exotic, vibrant flavors of Asia, and well just about everything he does.

 Recently when I was in Boson I really wanted to eat at his restaurant, Blue Ginger but it is a ways out from Boston in out of the way, Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Here are a few of the offerings at Blue Ginger

Sake-Miso Marinated Alaskan Butterfish
Wasabi Oil, Soy-Lime Syrup and Vegetarian Soba Noodle Sushi

Chile Tea Rubbed Duck Breast with Fresh Plum Sauce and Peach Teriyaki
Crispy  Duck Confit Johnnycake and Grilled Haricot Verts Salad

Grilled Marinated Hanger Steak with Chinese Black Bean-Clam Sauce
Crispy Udon Noodle Cake and Sauteed Bok Choy 




 "Blue Ginger", is derived from a key ingredient in Peranakan/Nonya (Straits-Chinese) cooking known as "Nam Kiong" in Cantonese, or "Galangal" in Malay. Aptly named, the restaurant aims to capture the true essence of Straits-Chinese cuisine and culture with Ming's special twist.

Peranakan/Nonya is a culture which evolved through the intermarriage between early Chinese settlers and the indigenious Malays in the areas surrounding Singapore in the 1800s. As a result of this union, the birth of a whole new culinary flavour took form.

When we were in Malaysia last year we found several excellent Nonya style eateries in Penang.  I also picked up a couple Nonya cookbooks as the Chinese style approach to Malaysian ingedints is quite unique.

Here's what's NEW from Ming Tsai,  the Emmy Award Winning host of Public Television's "SIMPLY MING" cooking show and the recipient of The James Beard "Best Chef Northeast" 2002

SIMPLY MING just finished shooting its fifth season, premiering in October. (Check your local listings.)  This season, Ming makes things even simpler in the kitchen by focusing on two main ingredients: one East, one West.  From cilantro and bacon to Chinese black beans and butter, Ming creates a repertoire of flavor-packed dishes that combine the best of both worlds.  And, just when you thought it couldn't get any simpler, Ming's new one-pot segments offer solutions for making an entire dish all in one vessel.  Whether it's a frying pan or Ming's favorite wok, these segments are sure to make life easier.  Also this season, Ming travels the country taking viewers inside the kitchens of some of the world's most celebrated chefs -- from Michael Chiarello's Napa oasis to Ted Allen's urban garden, all of Simply Ming's guest chefs put their unique spin on Ming's East-West pairings.


528495-simply-ming.shopmingsway-1969-3627196 This dish is perfect for your summer time gathering.   The cool and crunchy cucumber salad is a terrific match for the salmon’s richness. With easy prep and only a few key ingredients you can spend more time visiting with your friends than stuck in the kitchen.  Marinate the salmon ahead of time and all you have to do is fire up the grill to create a dish that will be the hit of any barbecue!


Serves 4


1 ½ teaspoons wasabi powder
1 tablespoon mirin (Japanese sweet sake)
1 tablespoon rice wine vinegar
½ cup Grapeseed oil
Salt and Freshly ground black pepper


1 cup soy sauce
Juice and zest of 2 oranges
2 tablespoons brown sugar
4 garlic cloves, peeled and left whole
1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh ginger
4 skinless salmon fillets (about 6 ounces each), preferably center cut
2 large English cucumbers julienned*

for instructions:

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