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The Right Way to Eat Sushi

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I thought this was really well done!

:) Nikko

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How To Eat Sushi
If you have never before eaten sushi but considering it now, you unfamiliarity of the food, its presentation, and traditions might prove to be intimidating. Infact the flavor greatly depends on how it is eaten, almost as much as how it is prepared. Watch this video and learn how to eat Sushi.

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Cold Saki is much preferred in Japan as it is the higher quality saki. Warm saki is the lesser quality. Many here drink cheap warm sake but a few people who "know" and drink whole expensive bottles of chilled ji-sake (Regan). The art of drinking Saki is as extensive as choosing the appropriate bottle of wine from France to compliment a particular meal. The culture of saki drinkers in Japan is mimicked only slightly in America. Americans are only just beginning to appreciate the different types of saki that are common in Japan
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I don't do warm saki at all... Just don't like it - I'm a self professed sushi snob too... I live less than 2 miles from the freaking ocean and there's not one decent place to get sushi in the Jacksonville area...
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I think ppl need skills to eat just about anything!
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had fresh fish eyeballs in Japan - Don't think I'll be doing it again but it wasn't bad... :) Nikko
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I was surprised to see the way the girl in the video held her chopsticks. One should hold them closer to the top end to have real mobility and ease of useage. I use very long cooking chopsticks to turn meats and such when cooking-love them. Also it is considered rude to put wasabi in the soy sauce, and it is dreadfully rude to stick your chopsticks into a bowl of rice and leave them there. It is OK to use chopsticks or fingers to eat sushi as she said. My favourite is sashimi especially hamachi, toro,and ahi. Ahi is fun to do at home. I just coat it with sesame seeds, sear lightly on a hot skillet on all sides, slice, and serve with wasabi and sashimi soy sauce. YUM! You aren't cooking the ahi just searing the edges. This is very nice when served on a bed of baby lettuce as an entree for lunch. Shanti/Mary-Anne
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