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Stuffed Cabbage

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Stuffed CabbageStuffed Cabbage - Take a medium sized  crinkly or Savoy cabbage , parboil it, cool it, and remove its core. Slightly open out its leaves, and insert between them raw or cooked minced meat , combined with chopped onion and parsley , and highly seasoned. Reconstruct the cabbage, pressing it closely for three hours with stock and stock fat.When about to serve , drain the cabbage, remove the string and the slices of bacon, set it on a dish, and cover it with a few table spoons of braising liquor , cleared of all grease, reduced, and thickened with some half glaze sauce.Serve what remains of the braising liquor separately.

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Cabbage Rolls are a staple in Eastern Europe. In the former Yugoslavia (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzcovina, Serbia and Montenegro) Sarma are literally a National dish. They first make sour heards by fermenting the whole heads of cabbage in salt brine with corn which causes the fermentation process. After a few days the Sour Heads are ready to use. The cabbage rolls are made with rice and usually a combination of ground beef and lamb and sometimes pork. Seasonings such as Vegeta are used. The Sarma are laid on a bed of homemade sauerkraut with smoked pork ribs or lean bacon heavily smoked with some tomatoes. This can be boiled or baked depending on the cook. They are extremely flavourful and the pride of each cook. You will always find large tray pans of Sarma at gatherings of peoples of this region.
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it's very popular in romania, austria and they love it a lot
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Also in Ukraine, Germany, and Poland and in Macedonia, Albania and Greece they also have cabbage rolls/dolma - they eat cabbage rolls. It is always interesting whether they use tomatoes or not. I have never seen this whole head of cabbage that is stuffed and that sounds very interesting. I must ask Milka, who was a chef at a big hotel in Glina (61 km from Zagreb), Croatia for 17 years before the civil war. She makes such great foods and we are luky to go over to my daughter's house when she is cooking for family ocassions. Milka even makes her phyllo/peda by hand on the dinning room table amazing to watch as it is paper then and never a break. She also makes the thicker one for borek which they call peda.
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romanian they love it when it is stuffed with ground beef