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Foodie Thoughts for 20 September

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Today is National Rum Punch Day...

Rum Punch



















So check out some of these delicious Rum Punch recipes we've collected!

Patio Daddy-O Planter's Punch:

Cranberry Pineapple Rum Punch:

Tiki Punch:















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I'll Drink to that !!! The Tortilla Guy
Yolanda's picture
Viva el Bacardi blanco con punch day!
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September is: All-American Breakfast Month Hug a Texas Chef Month Mom & Apple Pie Month National Biscuit Month National Chicken Month National Cholesterol Awareness Month National '5-A-Day' Month (fruits & vegetables) National Honey Month National Mushroom Month National Organic Harvest Month National Papaya Month National Potato Month National Rice Month The Tortilla Guy
Ginny69's picture
Hey Steve you should make a blog on this September topics so I can comment on them too!
shantihhh's picture
Insane so many commerative things LOL
Good.Cook's picture
Everyday should be a national alcohol drink day we need the Cheers!
Ginny69's picture
Rum punch is one of my girls party drink. BTW, watch out looks like someone is trying to bite on your blogs!
Foodie Thoughts For 20 September