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Foodie Thoughts for 16 September

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It's National GUACAMOLE Day!

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:) Nikko
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Nice !! And I am on my way to Puerto Rico for Business !!! The Tortilla Guy
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Maria's guac...
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You're making me hungry! Well we'll be eating some guac today I am sure at the TomatoFest!
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Wow! videos in the comments section? You have a very unique way of capturing your audience on here! Keep up the great work! Holy Guacamole~ day!!! Raquel
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Just sharing the love of the food! So many great videos on iFood.TV - And these fit the bill for the day!!!
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Happy guacamole .day did you have some today?
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I did - I made a video but had some issues and lost the last half of the video... I'm going to post what I have though... ;) :) Nikko
Foodie Thoughts For 16 September