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What Goes into the making of Carlo's Lean Sicilian Sausage

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For not having much fat in it - this sausage is packed with flavor...

:) Nikko

Also Known as: 
Carlo's Sicilian Sausage
Sicilian Sausage is a moderately spicy Italian sausage that's made with lean pork, roasted garlic, romano cheese, cracked fennel cracked fennel and Italian red wine. A special feature for

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Hey this would go with the nice Sicilian wine I had last night! Love good sausages.
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Hey The Tortilla Guy better start eating the Lean Stuff !!! lol
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I agree with bxredman about his advice to the tortilla guy!! Gotta eat right to keep that Adonis
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Healthy Choices! I gained weight after a bak injury, and this year took back off the 35#. How? Smaller portions! Also really watching fats and white flours i.e. breads. It's been easy just thinking about what goes into my mouth and the big thing is smaller portions as I have always eaten the good stuff but toom much of it.
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Everything in moderation. If you watch the old Julia Child shows she always talked about how it's ok to eat things with fat in them if you eat in moderation...
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Lean sausages are better when they are flavorful and a healthy food choice too! Raquel
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Yes lean is better
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When it's packed with flavor like Carlo's sausage - it's great! :) Nikko
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It would be nice to find a lower fat good flavored sausage.
What Goes Into The Making Of Carlo's Lean Sicilian Sausage Video, Carlo's Sicilian Sausage