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Olive Oil

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Olive oilI love using olive oil and find it amazing how different the various olive oils taste depending on the country of origin and the variety of olives that are pressed for the oil.  There are so many olive oil booths at the food shows eah offering tastings. 
We often think of Italian Olive Oil as the best when ironically much of the olive oil "processed in Italy"  is actually from another country such as Turkey or Tunesia.

Italy can't supply the demand of it's own countryman for this oil of health.

Ironically my very favourite olive oil is grown and processed  less than two hours away in the foothills of the Sierras near Sacramento, California.  The trees were planted by an imigrant Italian family just a bit more than a dozen years ago.  Bariani makes a stone cold pressed olive oil that is fruity and wonderful.

Olive oil is made from olive tree fruit. We find olive trees in the mediteraneen countries such as Italy, Spain, Turkey, France, Greece and Tunesia,  and also California (Usa).  For many hundred of years, the olive tree has been cultivated for its fruit. It is also used in medicine, soaps, and cosmetics.
Olive production in the world is about 500 million gallons a year.  The world wide olive oil consumption is over the production (more than 525 millions gallons). The largest producer world wide - countries are Spain, Tunisia, italy, Portugal and Greece. Tunisia has more than 56 millions of olive trees. Spain has 190 million trees. More than 72% of he Tunisian production is brought to Spain. And 26% to Italy. The rest is exported to American and asian countries. There are more than 1360 factories of olive oils in Tunisia alone. With a ton of olive fruit, you can produce between 12 and 50 gallons of olive oil.

By reducing the animal fats and increasing olive oil in our diet we obtain a perfect combination for the prevention of such fatal diseases, like arteriosclerosis and heart attacks.


It has been also proved that the use of olive oil in nutrition helps to sustain:

.Human metabolism at a good balance, body's growth and bone growth at a good level. It is obvious that olive oil means good health and development for our children.

Good level of Vitamin E in our body. This vitamin has the property to delay the change of the cellular structure which leads to natural decadence, the people's aging, so one of the best medicaments for delaying aging is the olive oil. On the other hand, as we all know, Vitamin E improves our sexual life. So one can say that olive oil is by itself an aphrodisiac!


Also olive oil tastes so good!  I often mix olive oil and butter for flavour and a higher smoking point.  Of course there are many grades and qualities of olive oils, but that will b another blogg.

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Olive Oil