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The Big Dog from National Deli

Hangin with the "Big Dog " at the Florida Show

National Deli is known for quality, taste and consistency. When you taste our warm corned beef on rye bread, you immediately can tell the difference between us and our competition, and it becomes obvious that we are very particular with our products.

Our Hot Dogs will bring back your favorite old-time memories of weekend bar-b-q's, while our Turkey products will make any sandwich or salad a special taste sensation.

Roast Beef cooked to perfection, Pastrami seasoned just right and even over sized Knockwurst will all have you thinking the same thing, simply: "THIS TASTES BETTER"

So, spend some time with National Deli and we promise to tantalize your taste buds. You deserve it!

Nat Dellyman Recently appeared on Deli TV, hosted by Pat Strami

National Deli's Headquarters is located in Miami, Florida. Were they house our Production, Sales & Marketing teams all under one roof .

They are privately owned and operated with over 100 loyal and trusted employees.

 have stringent manufacturing and safety standards,  are committed to staying the leading brand name in the deli category.

The core business involves a broad line distribution, brand recognition, and a reputation for consistent premium quality.


fIn 1982, National Deli was formed as the non-kosher arm of the kosher giant, Hebrew National. National Deli's meat production facility was then opened in Miami, Florida in an effort to combat the decline in the strictly 'kosher' delicatessens and help Hebrew maintain its presence within the deli category with 'non-kosher' and 'kosher style' delis proliferating across the country. The beginning had its challenges as a kosher manufacturer with a kosher background struggled to fully understand and compete in the non-kosher arena.

In 1983, the decision was made to employ two dedicated non-kosher deli experts. One at National Deli's production facility in Miami and the other managing Sales & Marketing from headquarters in New York. Together they guided the company through nine years of unprecedented growth fueled by expanded product offerings, a commitment to quality and a dedication to service.

In 1992, food conglomerate ConAgra acquires Hebrew National and all of its subsidiary companies.

In 1997, ConAgra begins selling Hebrew National's ancillary companies beginning with Poultry.

In 1999, the pickle company is sold.

In 2000, the sale of the fresh meat company leaves only Hebrew National and National Deli.

On June 4, 2001, after seeing its unfulfilled potential, a group of highly motivated deli professionals purchased National Deli. The partners have over 150 years of combined manufacturing, sales and marketing experience and an unsurpassed passion for the deli business.

In 2007, National Deli stands as the largest manufacturer of authentic non-kosher premium deli meats in the country.

Recognized for our excellence in Corned Beef & Pastrami, we now offer a full line of premium quality deli meats including:

  • *25 Varieties of cooked Roast Beef.
  • *From multi piece to natural single and double lobe Turkey
  • *Over 20 different sizes of premium all Beef Franks in both skinless & natural casing
  • *Beef Franks
  • *Knockwurst
  • *Salami
  • *Tongue
  • *Pot Roast
  • *Pre-cooked Prime Rib

They  are proudly serving some of the most loved and respected Delis, restaurants, sub shops and supermarkets in the country.

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The Big Dog From National Deli