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About Ukrainian Shashlik

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BBQ over coals... We had this a lot on our last trip to the Ukraine to visit friends...

Also Known as: 
Ukranian Shashlik
This is the Ukranian Shashlik. It’s the Ukranian version of a barbecue where meat is fired over wood coal. It’s a very popular dish in Ukraine and now quite a rave in America. I love these kind of dishes - the tandoors, the barbecue, the shahlik.

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More street food awesome!b This style of grilling is so popular all over the former Yugoslavia, Ukraine, and even in parts of SE Asia and India. Love it. Sounds like some serious construction? Thunder? In the background. Wgads I could "feel" the the huge machinery ready to smash us under........ This US guy doesn't know real barbecue saying Americans cook over charcoal.....real Barbecuers always use wood! He sure had a tough time with the word shaslick! LOL Maybe Doc can tell us of this area and cuisine?
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This shashlik is a GREAT shahslik! I have eaten here iat the Mostika bar...! The food is usually mediocre except for the summer shashliks!
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