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Asha Khatau's cooking for ifood

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Some days ago, I was introduced to Ms. Asha Khatau. I know her niece, Ashika. She’s the girl who anchored the Muchhad Paan Wala video. I remember Ashika telling me, “My aunt is a great cook and has also had her recipes published. You should feature her on ifood. If you want, I could speak to her on your behalf.” I assumed Ms. Khatau to be a house wife, with perhaps a little more knowledge and interest in food than others. Little did I know that this mother to 3 children has twice been awarded at what are called the “Oscars” in the Cookbooks category. Her first book, “Best of Epicure’s Vegetarian Cuisines of the World” won the "Best Vegetarian Book in the World" award at Gourmand World Cookbook Awards (2002)! She has written 4 more books so far, "Vegetarian Chinese", "Vegetarian Italian", "Vegetarian cuisines of India" and "Delectable desserts of the world", which won an honorable mention at World Media awards 2006 in the "Best Foreign Cook Book in the World" category.



Asha Khatau

Conducting a class

She started her own cooking classes by the name EPICURE, ten years ago. She’s taught in India and abroad. Last Wednesday, I photographed one of her sessions. Ms. Khatau demonstrated a whole lot of dishes. Here are some of the pics…Ms. Khatau will be posting the recipes in a few days.

I must thank Ms. Khatau and all her students (Ami, Anju, Divya, Sujata, Milauni, Manu, Smriti, Neha, Monisha, Pinal, Jaya...and some other ladies I'm sorry I don't know the names of) for letting me do my stuff during the session.



Patatas Bravas                                              Chickpea and Spinach Tapas


Seasoned Bread                                            Escalibada


Gaspacho Sandwich Filling                             Toasted Bread


Vegetable Tajine                                           Marinated Olives


All the dishes laid out                                    Red Grape Granita

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asha.khatau's picture
Excellent Photoes. Food looks almost real.
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Thank You ma'am. Well, you did all the hard work...I just had some fun with my camera!
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Great photos Vikas!
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YES, great photos-hope you got to try some of those yummy dishes!
vikas.kumar's picture
Actually...I didn't. Was fasting that day! :(
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Great food!! and so easy to make!! Just love it! Divya Barmecha
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I am interested in finding out more about Mrs Asha Khatau's cookery classes, I am trying to findout how I can approach or talk to them about the same, am unable to findout their contact no's or email id, would appreciate the help. Ur site is a delight to follow. Warm Regards Jyoti Baxi
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I am interested in learning cooking from Mrs asha Khatau. I am not able to get her contact details. Would appreciate help. Thank you
Asha Khatau's Cooking For Ifood