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Basic Ingredients Used in Chinese Cooking

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Explain a few basic ingredients from the Boot Camp cooking package. Take a look at the Chinese Cooking packages that come with the cooking video, instructional guide, and Chinese ingredients at

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Some Basic Ingredients For Chinese Food
Some of the popular Chinese ingredients explored. Plenty of sauces and starch and other marinating agents are given a quick run over.

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Thanks for this video. It's precise and very informative. In India, over time, we've kinda twisted the Chinese way of cooking to suit our taste (I guess that happens to every foreign cuisine everywhere). Besides, it's the most popular foreign food here. It's spicy, easy to cook, cheap and available in shops and on carts in the smallest of towns. We've also invented(!) a few Chinese dishes. Ever heard of Chicken Manchurian?
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Vikas, Thanks for your nice message. I have heard of Chicken Manchurian (Indian dish right?), and I really like eating it. Do you have a recommended recipe on this or some ideas on what can be used to make it? Thanks for your comments. Ala Luke
Basic Ingredients Used In Chinese Cooking Video, Some Basic Ingredients For Chinese Food