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Interesting Facts About Oil

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 ·       Oils extracted from a single vegetable species are known as pure  

·       The label vegetable indicates that they are a mixture 



 ·       Most oils sold in shops have been refined, with the result that their original flavour and smell have been removed leaving them quite neutral 

 ·       It is still possible to find unrefined oil which have been obtained by cold pressing, these are termed virgin or natural oils and they retain the taste of their vegetable origin e.g. olive oil.  

·       In general a distinction is made between oils used for frying and seasoning and seasoning only  

·       In oils for frying and seasoning linolenic (a harmful, foul smelling substance released when oil is heated above 250 degree) acid content must be lower than 20 percent.


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Yes that is so true. I of course know only about peanut oil having grown up with it. It tastes quite different now a days. Most of the local brands are no longer available or susceptible to bad quality or mixing of impurities. Though a brand called Dhara is still available in India which sells what is called double filtered groundnut oil. This is a national brand probably owned by Agmark (which is a rating agency to the best of my knowledge, though I dont know why they are also selling products). Though this product is better than the refined oils it is not the same as it used to be earlier. It could be because of the type of peanuts used now a days. It is strange why refining is needed for peanut oil as this oil is readily edible and has no harm at all in any form. I suppose it is just a marketing gimmick, make it clear looking and add the refined label and people think it is better.
Interesting Facts About Oil