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How To Take Out the Meat From an Oyster

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Oyster Shucking

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Oysters are popular as seafood and are a must for seafood lovers at beaches. To open an oyster, one needs to have an oyster opening knife.

Chef Vibs gives you some sure fire tips to opening oysters:

• Before opening an oyster, scrub the outside of the oyster with a brush under cold running water.
• The next step is to hold the oyster firmly (flat side down) against the work surface with the help of a help glove or a kitchen towel.
• Insert the oyster knife into the hinge of the shell and twist it as you pry the shell open.
• The oyster meat is now exposed and can be scraped out of the shell by running the knife along the inside edge and the base of the shell.

Oyster knives are very different from clam opening knifes. They have a sharp and pointed edge that is sharper than a clam knife. Now that you have your oyster, you can go ahead and cook them or eat them raw.

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How To Shuck An Oyster
Wanna have some oyster in your meal today? Firstly, you need to shuck the oyster. Watch the video and get an easy tip to shuck the oyster at home.

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How To Take Out The Meat From An Oyster Video, How To Shuck An Oyster