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lettuceLettuce has been grown for more than 2500 years. It has been grown mostly in the northern hemisphere. Grown wild over  and prized for its large edible leaves which are very refreshing in salads popular with the Greeks  and romans for the milky juices they exude when cut. Cultivated lettuce originated around Asia minor, Iran and Turkistan.   Lettuce is an annual crop belongs to the family Compositae or sunflower family and genus Lactuca and species Satuva .  

Their are  four types of lettuce. They are Head type variety Capitata; Leaf or cutting type variety Crispas; Cos or Romaine type variety Longifolia; Asparagus type variety aspereogins.  Lettuce has been cultivated the  world over now for centuries. Today only a few varieties find their way to the market, but many more varietal seeds are sold  for garden. The most common is Head lettuce, of which there are two types Crisphead and Butterhead, also called Iceberg and Webb’s- Wonder, is common in United States and becoming well known in Europe.     Lettuce was introduced in France in middle ages  some think by Rabelaiswho is said to have brought back seeds from Italy. Although some believe that the Popes in exile in Avignon were. Until the time lettuce was eaten as a hot dish . Raw lettuce with vinaigrette proved a great success in London where it was introduced by Chevalier D’Albignac a noble man who migrated to England.  He made his fortune by visiting various private hotels  and  fashionable  restaurants   to    dress  the  salads. Brillat-Savarindescribed him as a fashionable salad maker going from one dining room to another complete with his mahogony tools and his ingredients , which included flavoured oils, cavair, soya sauce, anchovies, truffles, meatjuices flavoured vinegars, etc.


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