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Welsh food is the food traditionally eaten in Wales. It has both influenced and been influenced by the British cuisine to a large extent. Due to its sheep farming traditions, lamb is the meat used in most dishes comprising the Welsh food. The roast lamb along with the mint sauce is one of the most popular Welsh recipes consequently.

Seafood is a popular Welsh food as well and can be traced back to its fishing heritage of yesteryears. Cockles along with laver are specialized Welsh recipes not found elsewhere in the world. Leek is regarded as its National Vegetable and is used in almost every dish cooked in the Wales.

The Welsh rarebit is the most famous dish of Wales with a variety of pastries are eaten by the Wales too.

Historical and Cultural Influences on Welsh Recipes

Welsh food developed according to the tastes of the hard working labor class people belonging to the Celtic community. The harsh lands could not sustain a lot of grains except oats which is used extensively in cooking the Welsh food even today. Bacon and pork were also eaten extensively as lamb meat was considered to be too expensive by the peasants. Cabbage and leeks were the only vegetables to grow in the bleak regions not conducive to agriculture.

Ingredients Commonly Used In Welsh Recipes

· Meats- Lamb and pork meat are used in almost all dishes of the Wales.

· Fish- A shellfish known as Cockle and mussels are extremely popular.

· Vegetables- Leeks are combined with all kinds of recipes and is one of the most popular Welsh food apart from cabbage.

· Oats- It is the main grain for making cakes, breads and porridges.

· Cheese- Fenni, Pantysgawn and Tintern are the most popular cheeses with Black Bomber being the most well known brand.

Cooking Methods Adopted by Welsh Cuisine

Most of the food Welsh food is in the form of stews although technique similar to that of the British was used too. Preparing breads and cakes with the aid of a bakestone still remains popular in Welsh households.

Traditional Welsh Food

· Bara Brith_ Traditional Welsh cake consumed at tea time.

· Laverbread- Pancake made out of seaweed.

· Welsh rarebit- Baked cheese on toast. Known as caws pobi in Wales.

· Cawl- A lamb and leek stew.

· Crempogau- Traditional pancakes made with buttermilk

Welsh Food: Trivia

The famous Welsh rarebit was prepared by obtaining the Cheddar cheese from the English in exchange for lamb meat.