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Swiss Roll

Swiss roll is a dessert made of sponge cake that is rolled up and filled with a variety of fillings. These cakes are very delicate to cook and bake. The cake has to be baked in a flat pan that will create the original thickness of the cake, be filled with the filling, rolled up and served in cut slices.

Ingredients Used and Swiss Roll Recipe Overview

The basic Swiss roll is created with flour, eggs and sugar. The cake is extremely technique sensitive. The eggs have to be at room temperature and beaten well enough to become creamy and thick. To get the right sponginess, most recipes suggest that the yolks and whites be beaten separately. Cream of tartar is added to produce the right consistency and sponginess of the cake and to stabilize the beaten whites and prevent them from falling. Sugar is added one spoonful at a time to thicken the flour and produce the right consistency. The flour has to be sifted in carefully to retain the aeration of the beaten eggs. Additional flavorings can be added to the basic batter to make different versions of the cake.

Serving Suggestions for Swiss Roll

Swiss roll is generally served as a dessert cake with ice-cream.

Popular Swiss Roll Recipe Variations

The actual fillings inside of the roll may vary depending on the cook’s preference. For example, a few common variations that are seen to include the following-

  • Buche De Noel is a very popular Christmas variety of roll that is served in France and Germany. Cooks prepare the recipe according to the sponge cake recipe and then use chestnut filling and chocolate cream frosting to decorate the Yule log.
  • Tiger rolls are served in Hong Kong where a coffee flavored roll is popular. The cake has a golden striped appearance over a chocolate colored background.
  • Chocolate egg rolls are also prepared in Hong Kong where the roll is made in egg and filled with chocolate fillings.
  • Swedish cooks prepare a slightly different recipe called as rulltarta or roll cake where the cake is filled with butter cream or strawberry jam. Another version is made with potato flour and filled with butter cream.
  • Chinese bakeries make fresh versions that are sold daily in the form of egg rolls that are filled with whipped cream or other sweet substitutes.
  • In India, these rolls are sold as jam rolls and the tiny village of Kanjirapallyin Kerala is supposed to make the best versions.
  • In Indonesia, this roll is also called as the Bolu Gulung filled with fresh cream, jam and fresh fruits.
  • In Malaysia, several varieties are produced that have local tropical fruits used as a filling in the Swiss jelly roll.

Nutritional Value

A single serving of Swiss roll of 53.5 gms contains 149 calories. The total fat content is 1.7 gms, cholesterol will be 70 mg, and sodium will be about 28 mg.