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Swedish Potato

Swedish potato is a collective term used for all the varieties of potatoes that are grown in Sweden. Potatoes are one of the major food crops of this European country and are used as an ingredient in many dishes. Grown in all parts of Sweden, there are approximately 40- 50 different types of potatoes grown in the country. Traditional dishes made use of this tuber in boiled form; however, today, potatoes are consumed mashed, roasted, baked and even fried.

Production of Potatoes in Sweden

The production of potatoes in Sweden is dominated by four provinces: Skåne, Halland, Vastra Gotaland and Ostergotland. Halland and Ostergotland counties account for the maximum production of table potatoes. The other provinces where potatoes are grown are Gavleborg, Varmland, and Orebro. The potatoes for starch are grown in Skåne, Blekinge and Kalmar, and the total output in 2010 is estimated to be 272, 800 tonnes.

Popular Swedish Potato Recipes

  • Potatis Korv- Also known as Swedish potato sausage, it consists of fresh sausage made with ground pork or beef combined with a spicy mixture of onions, potatoes, salt and pepper.
  • PitePalt- It is a traditional Swedish potato recipe which consists of potato dumplings. It is a delicacy of city of Pitea and is prepared in many different ways. The dish was served traditionally along with butter and cold milk.
  • Pyttipanna- Pytipanna in Sweden, refers to small pieces in a pan. This Swedish potato dish is similar to bubble and squeak and usually consists of potatoes, onions and meat. The dish tastes best when served with fried egg and capers. There are many frozen Pytipanna varieties available in Swedish super markets that can be bought and cooked easily.
  • Isterband- It is a traditional sausage which is prepared using pork, barley and potatoes. Fermentation and light smoking are the two main processes involved in the preparation of this dish. The dish was traditionally served with root beets and sour pickled gherkins.
  • Kroppkakor- Pork filled dumplings made of pre-boiled Swedish potatoes, usually eaten with dips.

Trivia- Swedish Potatoes

The new potato variety is widely consumed in Sweden and is enjoyed during the traditional mid-summer festival called midsommar. The new Swedish potatoes are relished along with herrings, sour cream and chives during this celebration.