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Slatko Od Dunja

Slatko Od Dunja is a delicious quince relish from Bosnia, which is mostly eaten as dessert. The quince, known as dunja, is a yellow colored fruit that is highly nutritious and has many medicinal uses as well. The fruit is cooked in sugar syrup and canned in jars to be used later. Quince relish is eaten as is or served as a side dish.

Origin of Sweet Quince

The delicious Slatko Od Dunja originated in the southeastern countries of Central Europe. This yellow colored fruit is native to Armenia, Uzbekistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Pakistan. It was later on introduced to Croatia, Syria, Serbia, Turkey, Macedonia, Albania, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria and Ukraine. Though quince has many culinary uses, over time, the relish made of this fruit began to gain a lot of popularity.

Ingredients Used in Quince Relish

The key ingredients of Slatko Od Dunja are quince (dunja), sugar and water.

Preparation of Quince Relish

The Dunja relish is made by first blanching the quince in hot water. When the skin turns soft, the quince is taken out of the water and the skin peeled. They are then cut into quarters and deseeded. Meanwhile, sugar is added to water and brought to a boil. It is allowed to boil further to a syrupy consistency. At this point, the blanched and deseeded quince is added and boiled. When the syrup turns thick, almost like honey, it is taken off the stove. Meanwhile, jars are sterilized and the quince relish is poured into these jars. They are then covered with cellophane and allowed to cool at room temperature. Once, they are cool enough, these jars are sealed and refrigerated or frozen for later use.

Nutritional Value of Sweet Quince

  • Raw quince is very high in fiber, which reduces when sweetened, as in Slatko Od Dunja. However, the fiber content is still on the higher side, which makes it ideal for treating diarrhea, dysentery, and constipation.
  • Other than this, quince also helps in controlling inflammation of the uterus, treating sore throat, etc. Sweetened quince, in this case the relish, is also high in energy.
  • Quince/Dunja and its dishes are ideal for people wanting to lose weight.

Quince Relish Trivia

The best way to check if the sugar syrup is at the right consistency for making Slatko Od Dunja, a line of the syrup is drawn and if the line remains as is, it means the consistency and the sweetness of the syrup are just right.