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Russian Potato

Russian potato is an ingredient grown extensively in the federation of Russia. It is considered to be one of the primary ingredients of the region and is used in almost all cooked dishes including salads and meat based recipes.

The production of potatoes have fallen in the region after the disintegration of Soviet Union, nevertheless it remains a "potato giant" with an annual output of 35 million tones. An average Russian is supposed to consume about 130 kgs of the tuber each year with 90% of the produce being grown on house plots and private lands.

The new potatoes and the early-ripened potatoes are considered to be a delicacy that are traditionally served with a dish of Baltic herring. Grated new potatoes are extremely popular Russian potato recipes and relished in all areas of the erstwhile Soviet Union. The Russian potato is usually cooked with the peels in order to preserve the nutrients under the skin.

The potato is the primary ingredient of Russian salad, a famous dish popularized around the world.

History of Russian Potatoes

The potato eating culture of Russia can be traced back to the Czar, Peter the Great, who imported the ingredient in 1697. However, the potato was not accepted readily by the common citizen of the country who assumed it to be poisonous and called it the ‘devil’s apple’.

The potato was finally accepted by the Russian peasants in the 1800s and Russia rose to become the top producer in 1973. The traditional method of eating the Russian potato was by boiling them and eating them hot from the cooking pot with coarse rock salt as an accompaniment.

Popular Russian Potato Recipes

  • Potato with herring- It is a dish of boiled potatoes served along with dilled herring cooked in vinegar with onions and butter.
  • Chicken garkoye-A dish consisting of fried chicken and vegetables along with large potatoes which are fried and slow-cooked in a sealed pot.
  • Russian Salad- A combination of boiled potatoes, chicken and apples; blended with yogurt, cream and mayonnaise; and seasoned with salt before serving.


The Russian potato is known as Kartoshka which is also the name of a popular dessert which resembles the potato.