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Russian Black Bread

Russian black bread is dark colored bread primarily made from the flour of rye grain. This bread has a strong flavor and is denser than wheat bread. This hardy bread is an important part of the Russian cuisine. It is a symbol of wealth and health in times of celebration. It is quite filling and you can live on it for years without eating anything else.

History of Russian Black Bread Recipe

This bread has become a staple among Russians since the middle ages. This type of rye bread is also popularly used in USA, Europe, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Poland and Latvia. However, different countries use different ingredients. Typically, the Russian black bread is made with rye flour whereas in other countries this bread is made with multigrain flour.

Ingredients and Preparation Method

The ingredients include rye flour, sugar, salt, whole bran cereal, caraway seeds, onion powder, fennel seeds, white flour, active dry yeast, dark molasses, margarine, cornstarch, coffee granules, unsweetened chocolate and water. The Russian black bread recipe may be time consuming, but it is worth the effort. Enough yeast should be used or else the batter can become too dense if not fermented properly.

Serving Style

This bread can be eaten as it is or as an accompaniment with cheese or butter. It is also used for preparing sandwiches.

Health and Nutritional Value

This bread does not have cholesterol content. It is high in protein, sugar and dietary fiber. Although it has high sugar content, it does not create spikes in blood sugar like the white bread. It is also rich in calories and has carbohydrates too.

Russian Black Bread Trivia

This bread has a long shelf life. It can be stored for up to months and is often used during long boat trips and outdoor excursions.