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Ruske Kape

Ruske Kape is a dessert cake from the Balkan regions of Bosnia and Serbia. Its typically 6 inches wide and has an interesting combination of chocolate, vanilla and mocha flavors in the middle with a generous sprinkling of chocolate at the top. The sides of the cake are laced with coconut grating. Russian Kape means 'Russian hat' in Russian, a name that it inherits due its vague resemblance to 'ushaka' which is a 'Russian fur cap'.

Ingredients and Preparation Method According to the Ruske Kape Recipe
The Russian cape recipe is pretty simple. The cake itself follows the traditional cake recipe and is made using eggs, flour baking powder and coca. The mix is baked at high temperature. Once done it is allowed to cool before cutting round shaped smaller cakes from the large cake. Each round cake is then cut in half to slide in vanilla, chocolate and mocha syrup. The cake is then rolled on its side first on vanilla syrup and then on grated coconut and a good amount of chocolate topping is added on top. The top brown chocolate coating and the white coconut crusty sides give it a Russian hat like appearance and hence the name.

Ruske Kape Recipe: Serving Suggestions
Ruske Kape is served cold, preferably chilled, on color plates and topped with chocolate. It can be eaten like a sweet dish using a fork but it is often eaten casually like a cupcake using hands.