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Rodgrod or Rødgrød med fløde or Rote Grütze is a traditional Danish dessert soup made with local red currant berries or a variety of berries. The stewed red thick soup is served with cream, whipped cream or milk.

Ingredients and Preparation

Red currants are traditionally preferred for preparing the rodgrod. However, modern day recipes use a combination of frozen strawberries, black currants, cherries, rhurbarb, wineberries, raspberries and grape or berry juice. The berries are stewed with water till the seeds separate out. The syrup is filtered and sugar is added. Potato starch or arrowroot mixed with water is added to the berry juice while stirring constantly to thicken it .


Rodgrod is usually served cold with whipped cream, custard, ice cream or yoghurt as a dessert.

Popular Variations

The basic Rodgrod recipe has remained the same but individual households do have recipe modifications that are quite popular. For example, the berry pudding may be served with porridge or grits. Different thickening agents like sago, groat, grits etc may be used to thicken the sweet puree.

Nutritional Value

A single serving of Rødgrød contains 33.7 calories. The total fat content is 4.4gms, the total sodium content is 40.8 mg and the total carbohydrate content is 72.1 g while the total protein content is 4.4 g.


According local legends, during World War II, German spies used to try to fool the Danish border guards by trying to slip across the border disguised as Native Danes. However, the Danish guards had a simple test by which they would try to catch the spies. They made all citizens trying to cross the border say the Danish dessert name of "rødgrød med fløde" as quickly as possible. Apparently, only local Danes could say the words with the original guttural pronunciation.