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Rigo Jancsi

Rigo Jancsi is a traditional Hungarian/ Viennese cube shaped chocolate sponge cake that is filled with chocolate cream. The dish is also called as Gypsy John after a famous Hungarian gypsy. It is also called as Sutemeny Rigo Jancsi

History of Sutemeny Rigo Jancsi

The dish is named after Rigó Jancsi (1858–1927) who was a very famous Hungarian Gypsy violinist. In the year 1996, he met and fell and in love with Clara Ward. He was playing the violin at a Paris restaurant while Clara was dining with her then husband, Prince Joseph of Caraman-Chimay, Belgium. Clara Ward was the only daughter of E. B. Ward an American millionaire and was married to the Prince at the time of the affair. In the years, 1896 and 1898, she carried out a torrid affair that was reported all over the world with the violinist. Princess Clara divorced her heartbroken husband Prince Josef and Rigó divorced his wife creating a sensation at the time. The Caraman-Chimay family did everything possible to undermine the relationship but the public seemed to love the princess and her affairs and everything she did was loved and accepted. The exact origin is not known but most cooks state that the rigo jancsi recipe was invented by the violinist to surprise his beloved. The affair didn’t last long but the recipe and the cake is very popular in Hungary and Vienna till date.

Rigo Jancsi Recipe: Ingredients Used and Preparation Overview

The cake has two layers. The outer layer is made of chocolate sponge cake that has to be baked previously. The Chocolate sponge cake is made with beaten egg whites, melted chocolate, butter, sugar and flour. Sugar is creamed with butter and added to the mix. This chocolate cake is then cut into layers. Between the layers, a thick chocolate cream has to be placed. Some variations will also use commercially made apricot jam as a filling. The apricot jam is layered first followed by the chocolate cream and the cake is sandwiched together. Vanilla is also used to flavor the cake along with dark rum. The outside of the cake is covered with a dark chocolate fondant or chocolate glaze.

Health and Nutrition Facts of Gypsy John

A single serving of the Rigo Jancsi cake contains 459 calories. The total fat content is 37.7g, the cholesterol value is 208.4, the sodium value is 71.6g, the potassium value is 381.2, the magnesium value is 115mg, total protein value is 9.2g and the total carbohydrate value is 33.2g.