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Powidl is a type of plum stew that appears very similar to jam and marmalade. This dish is also known by various other names such as Powidel, Polish powidła, Czech povidla or powidło. Although it seems like jam or marmalade, this dish is quite different. It is not prepared by using regular gelling agents and additional sweeteners that are used in making jams. It is typically cooked for long hours just to get the required thickness and sugariness. The plums used for making this dish are always harvested as soon as first frosts. This helps in getting the perfect sugar content.

Powidl Recipe- Ingredients

Powidl is a very easy to prepare dish, which needs some very simple ingredients, such as Italian plums, cinnamon sticks and a few cloves.

Powidl Recipe- Preparation

Powidl is mainly prepared by Italian plums that are sliced into bite size pieces and placed in large size pan filled with some water, where the plums are usually boiled twice in order reduce the quantity and get the required consistency. The butter is scooped in a preserving jar made up of glass. Freezer bags can also be used for keeping the jam. The jam can either be freezed or canned, according to the needs.

Powidl Trivia

  • This dish is traditionally used and stored in winters in large quantities. It is also utilizes to make some natural sweeteners in order to use in communal events of autumn season.
  • The Czech term povidla and the Polish word powidła are basically plurals that are derived from a term povídat. This Povidat means to tell stories.