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Poffertjes are small traditional Dutch pancakes that are sold as snacks or served as breakfast dishes. According to tradition, these pancakes are baked or fried in special pans. These poffertjes are easy to prepare according to a simple poffertjes recipe that has not changed much over time.

History of Poffertjes

Poffertjes first originated in the 17th century and over time, became really popular in every Dutch household. The recipe is almost the same till date but the poffertjes recipe does require a special pan to create the distinctive shapes. The pancake batter of the poffertjes recipe was originally credited to a Dutch abbey. Merchants and traders, who were fed the pancakes at the abbey, acquired the recipe and then made the special pans to mass produce the pastry for the common people. Another legend associated with this dish was that the dish was first created at a French Monastery. The recipe then filtered down to the Netherlands during the French Revolution. Mass production of the poffertjes was started at commercial poffertjeskramen or wooden buildings where poffertjes were sold with different fillings and jams.

Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation of Poffertjes

The original poffertjes Recipe has not changed over time. Equal amounts of buckwheat flour, milk, sugar and eggs are mixed together. The batter is mixed to a liquid paste. Yeast is added to make the liquid dough ferment and then its poured into the special pan. It requires about an hour or so to rise properly. The liquid dough can be quite stiff and usually as special squeeze bottle is required to pour out the required amounts into the pan. The dish can also be prepared at home with the right poffertjespan that is a pan about a foot in diameter with circular depressions for the poffertjes spread out an inch across. These depressions are about 1/4 of an inch deep creating a normal coin sized pancake. Commercial pans are bigger with many more depressions and as well as longer handles.

Serving and Eating Poffertjes

Traditionally, poffertjes are baked or fried in the pan and dipped into powdered icing sugar and melted butter. These were usually served on special occasions and festivals. The actual accompaniments will vary according to the poffertjes recipe of the vendor that is selling the snack. Common garnishes and accompaniments to the dish include whipped cream, honey, strawberries, rum or a dipping in chocolate sauce. Some vendors change the original poffertjes recipe to include whole wheat and fruits in the batter which can change the taste of the dish. Over time, it has become common to find poffertjes restaurants which serve the dish with run, ginger jams, or Grand Mariner sauce.

Health Aspects of Poffertjes

Buckwheat flour is very nutritious and low in calories. But most vendors do substitute it with white flour which will influence the taste and the nutritional value of the dish. Check the ingredients individually to find the nutritional value of the dish.