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Ollebrod is a traditional porridge from the Danish cuisine, which is made of beer and rugbrod scraps. Hvidtol, a traditional Danish beer and a rye bread is typically used to prepare it. The rye bread is soaked and then boiled in beer, and then topped with cold milk or cream before serving. It is mostly eaten as a breakfast dish like corn flakes.


The dish seems to have its roots in monasteries, where the monks would eat bread dipped in hot beer. It was an important part of Danish cuisine till the 1800s, along with pork, salmon, potatoes, rye bread and beer. Traditionally Danish family meals in the morning and evening featured Øllebrød, which was prepared by throwing leftover bread and beer dregs into a pot which was heated on the stove. The pot, which would seldom empty, supplied a continuous meal to the family.

Ingredients and Preparation

The basic ingredients for the dish are dark rye bread, which could be about one day old, and malt beer.

To prepare the dish, the rye bread, preferably without whole grain, is soaked in malt beer for 6 to 12 hrs. Though the traditional Danish beer Hvidtøl is usually used, any kind of beer may be used, and cheap beers are also acceptable as the alcohol has to evaporate anyway. The bread is then boiled for an hour in the beer, and more beer may be added if desired so as to give it the consistency of oatmeal. It may be allowed to pass through the sieve to get rid of any lumps that may have formed. Sugar or honey may be added if sweetness is desired in the dish. Lemon juice may be used to give it a refreshing taste. Cold milk, cream or whipped cream is poured on it just before serving. The hot dish and cold milk together make a delicious contrast.

Some recipes suggest use of egg, which is whipped with sugar and lemon jucie and included in the dish. Others may suggest use of cinnamon for flavoring. One can also substitute water or any malt drink in place of malt beer for preparing the drink.

One quick recipe suggests heating bread with beer or water to boiling point and then allowing it to stand overnight. The next day the pot is reheated and contents stirred till steaming hot, adding more water if necessary. It is then served with milk.


Ollebrod is best served warm, with cold milk or cream poured on it. It is often served for breakfast. The dish, despite being made with beer, is also given to small children.

Nutritional Information

Ollebrod is a good source of phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, vitamin B1 and protein on account of the rye bread present in it. A single serving of Ollebrod made with rye bread, malt beer, eggs, sugar and whipped cream topping contains about 531.5 calories, 15.8g total fat, 140.4 mg cholesterol, 75.7mg sodium, 79.1g carbohydrates, 11.3g dietary fiber and 9.9g protein.