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Norwegian Food includes the range of dishes and drinks consumed in Norway. Norwegian dishes often contain fish and wild game as principal ingredients. Norwegian cuisine consists of simple recipes which can be traced to the poverty in the region in historical times, when potato was often a principal ingredient in the food. Modern global influences have been found in present day food habits of Norway, with the introduction of pastas and pizzas.

Ingredients Commonly Used in Norwegian Food

Norwegian food focuses much on wild game and seafood. Here are some of the ingredients commonly used for preparing Norwegian dishes.

  • Seafood includes salmon, crab, mussles, and codfish. Smoked salmon is an internationally famous dish from Norway.
  • Wild game is another important feature of Norwegian cuisine. Moose, duck, reindeer, fowl are often sold or gifted to friends. They are served with sauces and crushed juniper berries.
  • Preserved meat and sausages are also consumed in various forms. Fenalar is cured lamb leg, and Morr is a popular cured and smoked sausage.
  • Fruits like Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples are often used for preparing various desserts in Norwegian cuisine.
  • Dairy products are a favorite with Norwegians, and cheese is a major export, the most popular brand being Jarlsberg cheese.
  • Coffee is also an important ingredient here, and Norwegians are one of the world's leading coffee drinkers.

Traditional Norwegian Dishes

Here are some examples of popular dishes from traditional Norwegian cuisine-

Torsk – This is poached cod, which is served with butter and boiled potatoes. Carrots, cod liver and bacon may also be added.

Svinekoteletter – These are braised pork chops served along with fried onions and potatoes. Other vegetables may also be added.

Gravalaks: This is cured salmon that has undergone a process of freezing to kill any parasites that mey be present in the salmon. Its taste is sweet and salty. It is a significant dish of Norwegian food.

Grovbrod: This is coarse, whole-grain bread, which is very often served for breakfast and even lunch.

Danish Pastry: It is a popular dessert pastry made with flour, eggs, yeast, butter and almonds.

Health Benefits of Norwegian Foods

Norwegian food is rich in seafood, and hence a good source of essential seafood oils that have proven health benefits. It is rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids and essential amino acids.