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Montenegro Wine

Montenegro wine is the flavored wine of Balkan country – Montenegro. Montenegro is now known far and wide for its vineyards scattered around the coastal and southern parts of the country. Here Montenegro wines are made from huge variety of grapes that include Chardonnay, Krstac and Vranec.

Historical Background of Montenegro Wine

Not much is known about the origin of Montenegro wine of this region, but the country is famous for its red grape wine, which offers a very intense and deep colored wine. Lot of expansion and development plans are being carried out for the 4000 vineyards of the region to improve the quality of the produce.

Popular Montenegro Wine Regions

There are nearly 4000 vineyards in Montenegro scattered in the southern parts as well as coastal regions.

• Crna Gora Wine – This is one of the most popular wine regions where Vranec grapes are mainly cultivated.

• Plantaze – Several vineyards are located in this region where suitable climate and soil, helps in grape cultivation.

Popular Montenegro Wines

Red, white, rose and sparkling are some of the popular wine varieties of Montenegro region. Some popular wines from this region are:

• Vecchia Romagna Etichetta Nera – This is a lovely blend of wine spirit which is matured in oak casks for 3 years. It is prepared from Trebbiano di Romagna grapes.

• Plantaze-Podgorica Merlot – An exotic red wine with an aromatic flavor prepared from grapes grown in the coastal belt of Montenegro.

Montenegro Wine: Trivia

Montenegro wines are made from one of the ancient variety of grapes known as Vranac, which yields red wine.