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Lobio is a dish prepared by combining kidney beans with onions and tomatoes. It has a spicy favor and the ingredients of this dish vary depending upon the Lobio recipe. It is eaten as an appetizer, though the earlier recipe was used as a full meal. This kidney bean dish is considered to be a healthy snack.

History and Origin Of Lobio

The origin of Lobio recipe is said to be in the Caucasus region of Georgia, Azerbaijan. Earlier Georgia was known as Soviet republic. Georgians used the red and white kidney beans to make this dish. These beans grow in plenty in Georgia and are bigger than the regular beans.

Method and Ingredients Used In Lobio Recipe

Traditionally, a Lobio recipe did not require many ingredients. Red kidney beans, salt, vegetables or meat garlic, mint, basil and parsley were used to make this Georgian dish. It was initially cooked in a clay pot. The beans along with the spices were soaked in the water and were left overnight in the clay pot. The following day the beans are cooked on a low flame. When the beans are boiled, vegetables and meat is added to cook with the beans. The hot kidney bean dish was then served with flat bread. The modern day recipe however makes use of many spices and vegetables.

Variations in Lobio Recipe

In early 1800s, there came a drastic variation in the Lobio recipe. This kidney bean dish which was initially a meal for Georgian people became an appetizer. In this new recipe, beans were soaked and cooked and then mashed into a thick paste. Minced onion, cilantro, lemon juice, black pepper and other spices were added to this paste. The paste was left for around six to eight hours and then it was used as a spread on toasted bread. Most parts of Russia, still consider it to be the original recipe.

Today, Lobio is made in numerous ways. In some recipes the kidney beans are dampened with herb dressing and in some they are smashed with tangy plum sauce. The dish is garnished simply with butter and eggs in some of the recipes while in many others; the kidney beans are mixed with lettuce and celery.

Trivia – Lobio

Lobios is a town in Ourense in the Galicia region of north-west Spain. This place has a mild population of 2000.