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Leckerli, also known as Lackerli, Laggerli or Basler Lackerli are the traditional spice biscuits which originated in Switzerland. Chewy in texture, these cookies are Christmas delights and are available in different flavors. Usually made of honey, hazelnut, candied fruits and Kirsch, these cookies are spiced with cinnamon and other spices and are available in Switzerland all the year round.

Origin of Lackerli

The word Leckerli or Laggerli is a derivation of German word Lecker, which means delicious. These delicious and chewy cookies were first made in the Basel region of Switzerland and thus are sometimes also known as Basler Lackerli. The recipe of these biscuits was created by the spice merchants of the place around 700 years ago. These biscuits at that time were more like rectangle ginger bread pieces, glazed with honey, nuts and fruits. Discovered around 1431- 1449, Lackerli was a treat given to the church signatories’ of the council of Basel.

Basler Lackerli- Method of Preparation

Leckerli are make-ahead cookies which can be stored for a period of two months in an air tight container. For making these cookies, the major ingredients required are spices (cinnamon, black pepper, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, and white pepper), honey, sugar, lemon zest, almonds, flour, baking soda, kirsch and water. Honey is combined with sugar, spices and lemon zest and cooked until thick. Flour along with rest of the ingredients is added to the heated mixture and dough is formed. The dough is spread in the shape of a disc on the baking sheet and baked. Once ready, the baked pastry is glazed with sugar and cut in small cookie rings.

Serving Lackerli

Lackerli is usually served as a sweet snack along with tea or coffee. It also tastes well when served with whipped cream as dessert.

Popular Lackerli Recipes

  • Kaffee Lackerli- These cookies consist of coffee as one of the ingredients and are hard and chewy to taste. These sweet treats can be stored for a month.
  • Berner Haselnuss Leckerli- These are hazelnut Leckerli popular in Germany. Not only these cookies are easy to prepare but they are also nutritious, delicious and gluten-free. These cookies are topped with beer and confectioners’ sugar and are available in rectangular shapes.