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Lars Backman

Lars Backman, also known as Lars Kuprik Backman, is a well renowned chef, presently residing in Leksand, in Sweden. The upbringing of Backman was carried out in Rattvik, a town in Sweden. When he was a child he used to help his parents in their hotel. From there he began to take interest in food, which made him to undergo training in restaurant and hotel industry. Thereafter, his career was developed, when he started to work in various restaurants situated around Sweden. Various Lars Backman recipes are famous worldwide. Almost all the Lars Backman recipes are made in an exclusive and distinguishing manner, thus attracting the attention of his colleagues.

These days, backman keeps on traveling around Sweden along with his portable kitchen, where he not only sells food, but also arranges various cooking happenings in trade fairs, shopping malls, parties and private dinners. The famous chef is further working on logotype of his own.

Professional Career of Chef Backman

In just 21 years of age, Lars Backman went to US to help a friend of his in opening a restaurant by the name “Viking Horn”, located in Beverly Hills’ outskirts. Thereafter, his career was shaped as a head chef of Holiday Inn hotel, followed by 20th Century Fox.

Lars Backman keeps on traveling near Sweden, while singing, cracking jokes and cooking in various parties, shopping malls and several other arrangements of the same kind. He is also involved in the recording of various commercial advertisements for Siljan Food.

Noteworthy Works of Lars Backman

Backman was chosen for a live show called “Good Morning America”. However, the host of the show did not turn up, thus making the show unsuccessful. Jim Henson noticed the work of the Swedish chef and bought the rights later on and brought the characteristics of Bäckman in one of his puppets. Lars backman became the inspiration for the character of “Swedish Chef” in “The Muppets”. However, this fact is denied by the writer of “The Muppet”, Jerry Juhl.

Backman also has presence in United Kingdom, while doing various kinds of promotions with IKEA.

Lars Backman did catering for one of the films “9 to 5”, and for TV series “Dynasty” and “Mash”.

A few Lars Backman Recipes

  • Salad ala boom boom-Lars Backman makes a salad dish in a unique way where the vegetables are shot after being thrown in air. This is really a distinctive technique for shredding.

  • Donuts-In this recipe too, the boom boom style is in and the English muffins are used for preparing donuts.

  • Fish Chowder-In this recipe, Lars backman makes and attempt to cook live fish.