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Kuglof refers to Hungarian/German rolled cake prepared with raised rough, which is enriched with chocolate swirl or walnuts. The cake is popularly known as coffee cake. This coffee cake is famous by various other names also like Gugelhupf, Kugelhopf, kouglof etc and is normally consumed along with coffee. The name kuglof has been given to the cake due to its ring like shape. The fillings of nuts and fruits really augment the flavor and taste of the coffee cake.

Kuglof is a large coffee cake, made in the shape of ring, and is normally eaten during coffee breaks with coffee. A dough consisting of ingredients like almonds, cherry brandy, raisins etc is prepared and baked in a special kind of circular pan having a central tube (for giving the dough the shape of a ring). The ingredients used in kuglof recipe may vary as per the tastes and liking of a person. A few variations include nuts and candied fruits while preparing the dough. Further, Hungarian, Czech, and Slovenian varieties make use of ground and sweetened poppy seeds in kuglof recipe.

Kuglof – Distinct Names in Different Regions

The coffee cake is popular in different countries by distinct names.

• In countries like western Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary and Croatia, the dish is famous as kuglof.

• It is called as kuhluh in eastern and central Sloveia.

• In France, it is known as kouglof.

• In Poland, the dish is called babka.

• Babovka is the term used for this cake in Slovakia bábovka and Czech Republic.

• Republic of Macedonia recognizes this coffee cake as kuglof.

• It is known by an entirely distinct name in Upper Austria as "Wacka" or "Wacker".

Kuglof Recipe- Ingredients

The ingredients used in preparing kuglof include flour, eggs, butter, sugar, salt, yeast, raisins, almonds, and icing sugar. Other ingredients like cherry brandy, walnuts, candied fruits etc can also be used in the preparation of this coffee cake.

Kuglof Recipe- Preparation

Preparing kuglof is quite simple. Yeast is diluted in lukewarm water; flour, eggs, butter, salt, sugar, diluted yeast, raisins, and almonds are mixed together and prepared in the form of dough. The dough is allowed to rise in warm area, placed in circular pan with central tube and baked in oven for around one hour. After taking out the baked cake from the oven, it is allowed to cool down and coated with icing sugar before serving it with coffee. Some people also take kuglof along with tea. However, it tastes best with coffee.

International Recognition of Kuglof

Kuglof also has international presence, where it was chosen as a sweet for representing Austria, on Europe Day 2006, in the Café Europe initiative of the Austrian presidency of the European Union.