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Kugelis, also known as “flat potato dish” the national dish of Lithuania, refers to a pudding of baked potato, which is prepared using potatoes, bacon, onions, eggs, and milk. There are several recipe variations of this dish, which include several other ingredients like bay leaves, cream, and marjoram.. The dish can also be prepared without bacon.

Kugelis Ingredients and Preparation Overview

The ingredients required in the preparation of this dish are potatoes, onions, bacon, butter, eggs, milk, black pepper, and salt.The preparation method of kugelis is very simple, which involves frying onions and bacon in lard or butter until brown, adding grated potatoes, pepper, milk, and salt, one by one, followed by adding beaten eggs towards the end, and pouring the mix on a greased pan, which is placed in an oven so as to cook the dish.

Serving Flat Potato Dish

It is often served hot along with sour cream, crumbled fat (obtained from pork or white bacon), or apple sauce.

Variations of Flat Potato Dish

Kugelis recipe may vary in terms of ingredients used. A few variations are discussed hereunder:

· In one of the variations, marjoram and bay leaves are added in the recipe.

· Kugelis can also be made without the use of bacon. Onions are fried in butter, allowed to cool, and mixed with grated potatoes, beaten eggs, and milk. In this recipe, flour is added, and the mixture is mixed well before placing in oven for baking.

· Another recipe demands the use of sour cream and lite cream in the preparation process. Bacon and onions are fried in butter till crisp and brown, and mixed with a blend of creams and eggs, followed by adding grated potatoes and salt. The mixture is poured on a greasing pan, topped with black pepper, and placed in an oven for baking.

Kugelis Trivia

· The leftover dish should not be frozen. It should be heated in microwave or fried before consumption.

· Though, kugelis can be made without bacon; yet it is recommended to add bacon so that the flavor and texture of the dish are enhanced.