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Knipschildt is well known as a chocolatier across USA and the world. He is a native of Denmark and moved to the United States of America in 1996. He picked up his culinary skills by working in Denmark, Spain and France during the early part of his life.

‘Knipschildt Chocolatier’ is a company founded by him and caters to the chocolate lovers. Chocopologie is a small café which boasts of a unique design and an open kitchen.

A number of magazines such as Oprah Magazine, Gourmet Magazine and Chocolatier has featured the chef. Television channels like the CNN, Fox and Food Network have also done shows and interviews with the chocolatier.

His dark truffles have been named among the top three truffles of the world. He has also been chosen to be a part of the ‘40 under 40’ in the county of Fairfield on account of his business accomplishments.

Professional Life Of Fritz Knipschildt

The chef started out as a dishwater in Denmark when he was just 13. He soon advanced to position of being in charge of a local bistro. He joined the Hotel and Restaurant School of Denmark in order to complete his formal training and proceeded to the Mont Blanc area of France where Knipschildt worked for some time. He also gained some experience working in the Southern region of Spain.

He moved on to USA working as a private chef and was sponsored by a French restaurant located in New York.

He started his career as a chocolatier by making handmade chocolates in his one room apartment and selling them to the local retail shops. Later on he got to be associated with the bigger retailers like Dean & Deluca and Martha Stewart. He eventually turned to making chocolates full time by establishing his own company ‘Knipschildt Chocolatier’, LLC which has started including various other confectionary items in its menu at present.

Achievements Of Chef Knipschildt

  • Awarded the ‘Best Dessert and Best Chocolate in Fairfield County’ title in 2007
  • NASFT Fancy Food Winner in 2008
  • Knipschildt won the ‘Most Innovative Packaging’ award in 2004
  • NASFT Fancy Food Finalist in 2005
  • NASFT Fancy Food Finalist in the ’Outstanding Confection’ and ‘Outstanding New Product’ categories in 2004.

Shows And Events Of Fritz Knipschildt

  • Winner of an episode of ‘Throwdown with Bobby Flay’
  • Appeared on ‘Behind the Bash’
  • Participated in’ Chopped’, a Food Network Television series.
  • Guest judge of the graduating batch at the ‘French Culinary Institute’.

Chef Knipschildt: Trivia

Madeleine, a hand-crafted chocolate by Knipschildt has been listed as the most expensive confectionary item by Forbes Magazine