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Graham Kerr

Graham Kerr is a culinary expert famous for hosting the cookery show The Galloping Gourmet telecast on the Food Network channel between 1969 and 1971. It was telecast in 37 countries including the United States.

Professional Life of Graham Kerr

Born in 1934 in London into a family of well established restaurateurs, Kerr graduated from Brighton College and went on to become an apprentice manager at the Roebuck Hotel ,East Sussex, England, when he was barely fifteen. In 1958, Kerr was appointed as the Chief Chef- Catering Adviser in the Royal New Zealand Air Force. In 1969 The Galloping Gourmet shaped up produced by his wife Treena Kerr recorded at Ottawa in Canada at CJOH-TV which ran for three years until 1971 when he met with a car accident leaving him temporarily paralyzed following which the show was called off.

Noteworthy Works of Graham Kerr

Graham Kerr recipes earned immense name and fame by virtue of The Galloping Gourmet. Kerr made a comeback on television in the year 1974 with a short-lived an everyday series for five minutes called Take Kerr featuring unique recipe in each show. In 1986, Kerr developed a unique style of cooking calling it "Minimax" with Graham Kerr recipes centering on low fat and cholesterol usage. The concept lead to Graham Kerr show, produced by KING-TV in Seattle between 1990 and 1991 which further collaborated with many channels and ultimately the Discovery Channel.

Achievements of Graham Kerr

In the year 2003, Graham Kerr was conferred an honorary doctorate for culinary arts and nutrition by the Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. Food Inventions of Graham Kerr Well known inventions of Graham Kerr are:

  • Minimax- the novel method of food preparation curtailed ("Mini-") the use of fat and cholesterol at the same time maximizing ("-max") on the colour, texture, aroma and taste.
  • Moulded Ethnic Vegetable an amalgamation of vegetables and starches baked and flavored with seasonings typical to many ethnic cuisines.

Popular Graham Kerr recipes include Cuscinetti Filanti, Jambalaya, Tearaway Soup,Chicken Treenestar, Avocado Frenchman's Cove, Beer And Rump Pot Roast, Poulet Farci Truffiere, Red Snapper Sunset, Jamaican Pepper Pot Soup and Stuffed Mushrooms "Neuchatel".

Popular Media Shows of Graham Kerr

Graham Kerr made many appearances on Television besides The Galloping Gourmet. They are as follows:

• The Galloping Gourmet- for the Food Network

• Take Kerr – a group of five-minute series featuring Graham Kerr recipes

• Graham Kerr show - for the Discovery Channel.

• NBC's "Emphasis" and "Monitor" – he made short features for broadcasts starting in 1969

• Do Yourself A Flavor – containing features for the National Cancer Institute's - "5 A Day" programme, emphasizing on the inclusion of fruits and vegetables in Graham Kerr recipes. Graham Kerr Cookbooks

• The Galloping Gourmets - book co-authored by him along with wine expert Len Evans in 1967

• Graham Kerr's Smart Cooking – inspired from the show The Galloping Gourmet

• Graham Kerr's Minimax Cookbook – inspired from the show The Galloping Gourmet

• Graham Kerr's Creative Choices (A Minimax Book) – inspired from the show The Galloping Gourmet

• Swiftly Seasoned- In 1996 featuring the concept of "Moulded Ethnic Vegetable"