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Ghapama is an interesting Eastern Armenian festive dish made of pumpkin. It essentially consists of a fruity rice stew baked inside the hollow chamber of the pumpkin with its gut removed. Prepared especially for Christmas and New Year, this traditional Armenian stew is served by bringing the whole pumpkin (softened by cooking) with the stuffing to the table and cutting it there before serving.

Ingredients Used In Ghapama
The traditional ghapama recipe suggests the usage of dried fruits like plum, apricot, honey, raisin, and apple as a stuffing along with rice. Chopped almond is an optional ingredient suggestion of the Ghapama recipe. Cinnamon powder is the traditional spice used while salt is included for taste.

Preparation Overview as Per Ghapama Recipe
Ghapama is a baked dish and is prepared by first stuffing a pumpkin with its guts removed with a mixture of partially boiled rice and chopped mixed fruits and nuts. Honey is poured over the stuffing( sugar may be used as substitute for honey) and a little bit of cinnamon powder and salt are sprinkled on top, after which the pumpkin with its lid closed is baked in an oven till it is fully cooked owing to which its exterior becomes soft.

Serving Suggestions as Per Ghapama Recipe
Ghapama is served by bringing the cooked whole pumpkin to the serving table and slicing it up there before distribution. The dish,which is in fact a stew, is commonly enjoyed as a meal.

Ghapama Trivia
Harout Pamboukjian sang a song on this pumpkin stew which became very famous.