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Fritule is a traditional Croatian doughnut-like sweet pastry commonly served at Christmas time. The pastry is almost similar to the Italian Zeppole. Not much is known about the actual history of the fritters but these round balls are quite common in Europe in many different forms. In Italy, the same sweet leavened dough balls are called as fritole, frittelle, fritella, or fritle. In Milan, the fritter is referred to as Chiacchiere while in Liguria; the same fritter is referred to as Bugie. In other parts of Italy like the Marche region, the fritule is called Sflappe, Zeppole, or Frappe.

Ingredients and Preparation

Leavened dough is prepared by beating the hot water into a yeast, sugar, flour and vanilla mixture to make firm dough. More sugar, brandy, plum liqueur, vanilla, raisins and nutmeg may be added to the dough mixture. a few recipe variations also use boiled potatoes, lemon rind, orange rind, nutmeg, vanilla bean, rum, grappa, sultanas and rum to flavor the dough. The kneaded dough is then allowed to rise. Round fritters are then deepfried in hot oil and served warm.


The fritters are served warm with jam or cream with icing sugar dusted on top. Dried figs and rakija or grape brandy are served alongside.