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Fritessaus is a dipping sauce that is served with French fries in Denmark. The fries are called as frites in Denmark and the sauce resembles mayonnaise.

Ingredients Used and Fritessaus Recipe Overview

The main ingredients suggested by the Fritessaus recipe are mayonnaise, lemon juice, capers and anchovies, which are all combined together. This is most commonly seen in commercial preparations but most households also have their own versions. For example, a simple version is prepared with crème fraiche, lemon juice, capers, anchovies, parsley and salt. All the ingredients are finely ground and mixed with the mayonnaise. This makes the sauce very thick and creamy and easy to pour. The lemon also gives the dip or sauce a creamy white or slightly yellow appearance.

Serving Suggestions for Fritessaus

In Denmark, fries are served in a cone and the Fritesaus is usually served poured over the fries. The restaurant will also serve it as a side dish or a dipping sauce on the table. The sauce also comes in small packets that are served at fast food joints. Commercially, several brands are prepared that are sold in Denmark as squirt bottles or a container with a pump. Round bottles that come in 500 ml containers are common in Dutch households and the sauce is also served on the table to be used with sandwiches and as a salad dressing.

Nutritional Value

A single serving of 100 gms of Fritessaus contains 145 calories. The total fat content is about 12.5 gms, and the total carbohydrate content is about 10 gms. The calorie count can be broken down into 25% fat, 26% carbohydrates, and 1% protein. This low fat content is especially attractive for dieters as fat content of mayonnaise alone is about 40%.